Tamarindo Beach and Ocean Estates Project offered Nica Projects

People who are planning to get a property near the Tamarindo beach can get their dream properties through consulting Tamarindo Beach and Ocean Estates, a real estate project of Nica Project. Tamarindo Beach and Ocean Estate is a premier and first class beach front community. The area is a 1 hour drive away from the city of Managua and it is 30 minutes drive away from the Leon City.

Tamarindo Beach gives opportunity to many people and residential home owners to call their properties located in the area as their vacation home since their homes are located in the island.  Nica Project guarantees that home owners will enjoy all the facilities included in the area such as fishing lodge, Marina, Convenience store, outdoor pool, Bar, restaurants, Club House Tamarindo and many more.

Nica Project opens opportunity for many people to experience a great life living near Tamarindo Beach. Living in a community near in beach can give you better and fresh life dispositions.  Tamarindo Beach is considered as a biological corridor and part of the unique and stunning environment of Juan Vebado, Salines Grandes and Las Penitas.

The environment in the area will give you stunning and bountiful nature. The entire region will empower you to experience several outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, watching turtle nest, exploration the beauty of the island and many more. Tamarindo Beach and Ocean Estate together will Nica Project will help you find the best place where you can live at. To consult Nica Project is a great way to find the best place for your dream house.